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● About BTN

The BTN is visited by 6000 people
a month searching for genuine
sensual tantric massage therapists.

The BTN was created to assist clients
find genuine tantric therapists.

Tantric release

The BTN is not an agency or management.
We are a quality listing resource.

Tantrics work with the nude human body.
The client is usually nude or naturist.

Tantrics use special relaxation methods.
These methods boost pleasure and orgasm.

Tantric Massage Couple

BTN members are:
1. over 35 years of age
2. qualified in tantra massage
3. run their own private practice

Tantric Deep Tissue Massage

BTN is the home of stimulating,
arousing, tantric massage
delivered by health professionals.
Some with 15 years experience.

Tantric Massage Lomi Lomi

Most of our therapist members
are over 35 years, mature and
highly qualified, often to degree
or diploma level.

They are experts in orgasmic control
techniques, lingam manipulation and
breath relaxation techniques.

Tantric Massage Trance Massage

The British Tantra Network is
a friendship-group of professional
independent tantric practitioners
who work for themselves.

It is easy to be fooled by fakes.
Genuine tantric therapists
are not failed models',
'actresses' or 'students'.

Tantric Massage Therapist Image

If you are seeking 20 year
old lap-dancers, you
will not find them here.

You will find here tantric
therapists who have qualified
at schools such as:
-King's College London
-Birkbeck University
-New York Institute of Massage
-Brandon Raynor's School of Massage.

Tantric Massage Therapist Thumnail

At the British Tantra Network you
will find, qualified, experienced,
tantric therapists, some with degrees,
and diplomas in a range of subjects.

Such as: tantric, Swedish, lomi lomi
massage, relationship counselling,
psychology, mental health nursing,
neuro linguistic programming
(NLP), cross contamination
prevention and bacterial control.

Tantric Massage Therapy Couples Therapy

Tantric massage is a safe choice.
It is sensual and stimulating
without risk to your health.

Tantric massage was practiced in
ancient temples to sharpen focus.
It creates an intense, pleasurable
mind-body connection.

Tantric Massage Mature Massage Image

Benefits of Tantric Massage
-relaxes the mind and body
-sensitises erogenous zones
-enlarges intimacy skills
-improves orgasmic control
-produces 'feel-good' hormones
- optimizes energy levels

Tantric Massage Therapy Room

Tantra is based on an ancient Eastern
religion that evolved in 6000bc in
India , China, Tibet and Japan.

Tantric Massage Therapy Room Image

Happily...you need not be a tantric
follower to benefit from it's
theraputic effects.